Summer Time and the Living's BEE-zy
June 26, 2021

Summer Time and the Living's BEE-zy

Summer is here Bae- bee!! Time for fresh summer fruits, warm evenings, and getting outside to enjoy some fresh air! What's not to love?!?! Summer brings days at the beach, lazing in the sun, and soaking up some rays! While we are all being sun safe, it's easy to still get a little bit "over cooked" out there. Manuka Honey is a fantastic remedy for an after sun solution. Not only does manuka honey have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help ease the sting, it naturally draws moisture to the skin which aids in healing sunburn and restoring the skin. It's pretty fantastic stuff! And while we are on the subject of AMAZING Manuka Honey remedies for Summer, it is the perfect remedy for those pesky insect bites. Not only for it's anti-inflammatory properties, but also its antibacterial properties, starving off infections and yukky germs.

And how about those Summer cocktails?? Never fear, taken internally, Manuka Honey has antioxidants that help neutralize the effects of over indulgence, and the natural fructose gives you the wee "sugar hit" that gives you a bit of pep in your step as you tackle the morning after!!! A great way to get the Manuka Honey down, is a delicious Sunny-Honey Smoothie. It is filled with all the antioxidant goodness to keep you trucking on this Summer!

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Milk got your Goat?
June 19, 2021

Milk got your Goat?

Goats milk is one of our lesser highlighted ingredients, but boy does it have some amazing benefits for skin!

Goats milk is high in fatty acids, which help to maintain skins moisture and prevent irritation. It is also high in Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, known to have anti-aging properties.

Goats Milk also contains Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs), which are commonly used to treat skin conditions such as scars, hyerpigmentation, and age spots, due to the natural exfoliating properties. Lactic Acid is one of these (AHAs) which has been shown to gently remove the dead skin cells, creating a more youthful complexion. Lactic Acid also helps to remove excess oils and grime that clog pores, causing acne.

Our soaps contain Goats Milk, with these amazing skin benefits in mind. A gentle cleanser, and a fantastic support for a healthy skin barrier, to keep skin looking bee - autiful!


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What's the buzz with the bees?
June 10, 2021

What's the buzz with the bees?

It's been a decade since U.S beekeepers raised the alarm on the decline of 1000's of hives of honey bees, but it quickly became clear that this was not only a U.S problem, but a worldwide situation. Even more alarming, was that it was soon realized that not only honey bees were affected, but populations of wild bees were declining too!

Losing bees is not only tragic for them, but it has tragic consequences for us too. Bees pollinate up to a third of our edible crops, an industry valued at around $168 billion worldwide each year.

Since the alarm was first raised, many countries have created new methods to keep track of their bee stock, resulting in increased research and data around the health and well being of bees.

The upside of this is that there is now more understanding around the collapse of bee colonies, however, it is now clear that this is a complex problem with many contributing factors. Although it is not unsolvable.

For all bees, foraging and pollinating is a hard life. It takes huge amounts of energy to travel, often long distances, carrying nectar and pollen to the hive. It takes memory, spatial awareness, and finely tuned senses to be able to do this. However, environmental factors such as diesel fumes and pesticides, can inhibit the bees ability to safely make it back to the hive, and when they are unable to do so, they are as good as dead.

Climate change also factors into the cause, as it interferes with the relationship between bee and plant and can disturb the bees nutrition.

So What Can we do?

Planting plenty of bee friendly plants in close proximity to each other can provide more opportunity for pollination. Keeping these plants free of chemicals and pesticides creates a healthy and safe haven for bees.

Image result for Bee friendly Plants. Size: 126 x 160. Source:

Providing a bee bath is another easy step to help the bees to keep going. A shallow bath or dish with some stones to rest on will do just perfectly. A safe place for bees to hydrate and rest while making their long trips can be hugely beneficial to their survival.

 Image result for bee bath

There are also loads of non-profit organizations that work to help the survival of bee colonies, that you can donate to. Our pick is, of course,


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Bee Informed
June 02, 2021

Bee Informed

It's been a while since we teamed up with Bee Informed Partnership, helping to raise money for this amazing organization, and through your orders, we have raised over $4000 so far!

Bee Informed Partnership is a non profit that we absolutely bee-lieve in, due to the work and research they do to maintain honey bee colonies, to educate bee keeping communities and to ensure the sustainability of bees nationwide.

So who even are they?

Bee Informed Partnership are a national collaboration of research labs and universities of agriculture, who work together to better understand the decline of bees in the USA.

They work with bee keepers to provide colony samples, pest and pathogen diagnostics, and to gather data to monitor colony size, health and to test and analyze new feed or treatment products.

By gathering data they are able to analyze and create best management practices that support increased survival.

They even provide emergency response kits to assist in investigating failing colonies.

BIP Tech team specialist inspecting a brood frame from a colony

How can you help?

You can donate directly to to help them continue their amazing work. You can also help them by placing an order with us, and we will donate 5% of your order directly to them.


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I See You Bae-Bee
May 31, 2021

I See You Bae-Bee

Manuka honey has been used for centuries for eye health. Used topically, it can treat dry eyes, eye infections, and corneal ulcers. Now don't go rubbing honey in your eyes yet! The best way to use it, is to mix in some boiled water, leave to cool, and use as an eye wash. For infections such as conjunctivitis, the anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce swelling and pain caused by infection. Manuka Honey also is a great natural moisturizer, and helps to lock in moisture, so is a great natural remedy for dry eyes, as it helps to lock in moisture around the eye.

As an anti-oxidant, Manuka Honey can help to maintain eye health, by keeping bacteria at bay. Manuka Honey is also rich in many of the vitamins and minerals that keep eyes healthy, such as zinc, potassium and vitamin B and C. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can support the healing of eye related ailments, and we all know that healthy eyes are so important for our eye sight! All the better to see you with!!

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Why is Manuka Honey So Expensive?
May 03, 2021

Why is Manuka Honey So Expensive?

Why is Manuka Honey so expensive?

First, Manuka Honey is nothing like other varietals of honey. Local wildflower honeys and conventional clover honeys may always have a place in your cupboard, but Manuka Honey contains 20 times the individual natural compounds, giving it a range of health benefits that are unique to Manuka Honey.

Real Manuka Honey is made when bees almost exclusively pollinate the Manuka Flower.

To make genuine Manuka Honey, bees must solely pollinate the Manuka Flower. If the Manuka Flower is only one of many blooms pollinated, the honey created is 'Multi-Floral' Manuka Honey, which has a much lower concentration of Manuka Honey's unique wellness properties. Monofloral Manuka Honey is created when bees, by their own free will, choose to pollinate this unique bloom above all others.

The Manuka Flower blooms only 2-6 weeks per year. It would be one thing if the Manuka Flower bloomed throughout the season, but this plant has a very short flowering window. This means that bees have as little as 12 days to collect the nectar of the Manuka Flower and create the Manuka Honey yield of the entire year. It also takes bees 22,700 trips to the Manuka Flower to gather the nectar needed to create a single jar of honey, which is a lot of work in a very short period of time.

The Manuka Flower is only native to the remote hills and forests of New Zealand.

If the Manuka Flower could grow anywhere, Manuka Honey would not be as rare a natural occurrence. But in addition to a short bloom window, Manuka Flowers are only found in specific microclimates in its native New Zealand, often in the most isolated hills and forests. This wild plant is very sensitive to changes in climate and weather, pollution and other human interference, so the further away the Manuka plant is situated from human contact, the healthier the Manuka Flower, bee colonies and Manuka Honey. This is why Honeybunch only harvests Manuka Honey from locations that are very difficult to access - not disturbing plants and bees so they are able to produce their best honey in sustainable environments.

In addition to the rarity of the Manuka Flower, not all blooms create nectar that contains high concentrations of Leptosperin, Methylglyoxal, and DHA - the 3 chemical markers of Manuka. So despite the work that goes into pollination, the levels of Manuka's rare properties may still not be high enough to be meaningful. This is why it is important to pay attention to the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) on your jar of Manuka Honey. This is the only independently verified rating system that measures all 3 chemical markers, and certifiably guarantees mimimum levels in each jar. There is no other system that gives you a clear rating of what you are getting. UMF is the highest standard.

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Feeling Fit and fab with Manuka honey
April 30, 2021

Feeling Fit and fab with Manuka honey

Getting out and getting some exercise gets those endorphins pumping. It’s often it is sooooo hard to drag yourself up and out the door to do anything. Manuka Honey is packed with natural sugars, giving you an extra little boost of energy to get up and go. It is the perfect pre workout treat! Not only do these natural sugars give you a great boost, but the carbohydrates can help your muscles stay nourished and delay fatigue! There are a few simple ways to consume honey when you are about to exercise.


Firstly, a tablespoon of Manuka Honey, eaten straight off the spoon is the quickest and easiest way to get that boost.

For a continuous energy release, add a tablespoon of honey to your water bottle, and sip as you go.

For a post workout treat, add it to a protein shake. Together with the carbohydrates from the Manuka Honey, protein helps to repair muscles after a work out!

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The Buzz on Beeswax
April 26, 2021

The Buzz on Beeswax

Beeswax is one ingredient that we use almost daily. It is perfect for our balms and candles due to its high melting point, as it keeps our products from melting when the temperature is warmer. However, while beeswax is more widely used as for its cosmetic benefits, it can also be eaten, and promotes many health benefits when digested.

The most common, and easy way to consume beeswax is honeycomb. It is one of natures greatest delicacies, and is the combination of raw honey and the waxy cells (beeswax) that contain it. Honeycomb is the perfect addition to any cheese platter, pairing well with most cheeses. It can also be eaten in the same way you would eat regular honey. Spread it on toast, over oatmeal, or on top of plain yoghurt.

Beeswax can be used for lowering cholesterol, relieving pain and swelling, ulcers, diarrhea, and even hiccups. Natural beeswax contains anti-inflammatory properties which support pain relief, as well as fatty acids, supporting heart health. 

Beeswax is such a versatile substance, and it also used to craft products such as food wraps, due to the sticky and malleable texture.

Those clever wee bees just keep producing the goods, helping us to lead healthier and more organic lives!





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If the world hands you lemons ... use lemongrass!
January 18, 2021

If the world hands you lemons ... use lemongrass!

We LOVE Lemongrass!

We use Lemongrass in so many of our products. It has an amazingly uplifting scent making you feel refreshed and revived. That is one of the many reasons we use it in our bee-autiful skin products, such as our artisan soap, and sugar scrub. Lemongrass, as a herb, is full of vitamin A and C, so it works to keep your skin glossy, but it also has properties that help to reduce pores and keep your skins oil levels balanced.

As well as the external benefits, Lemongrass has some incredible internal benefits. It has been used in cooking for centuries, particularly in South East Asian cuisine. It is known to have some pretty awesome antioxidants, which work to fight off free radicals in the body that may cause heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Lemongrass is also great for settling an upset tummy, specifically easing nausea and diarrhea. It can also help to prevent gastric ulcers! 

As far as taste, Lemongrass has a fresh, citrusy taste. It is quite a light flavor, so does not overpower a dish the way lemon can, although adds a slightly tangy taste to cooking, without the bitterness that lemon has.

As well as our gorgeous skin products, we use lemongrass oil in our Hand Sanitizer. Not only does this steer away from the "clinical" smell of most high grade sanitizers, but it provides an extra boost of antibacterial and antiviral properties. Something we can all embrace right now! Research has shown that lemongrass essential oil can fight against certain drug resistant bacteria, including ones that case skin infections, pneumonia and blood infections. Applied topically, the citral in lemongrass oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for those who suffer with problems such as arthritis. 

In these times of such uncertainty, lemongrass is perfect for lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Used in a massage (or scrub or soap) can bring about these benefits. In fact, one study showed that a massage, once a week over 3 weeks vastly improved participants blood pressure, and in turn, lowered anxiety levels. Not only that, research in Australia showed that lemongrass may relieve headaches and migraines. They believe that eugenol, a compound found in lemongrass, has similar properties to that of aspirin. Eugenol also releases Serotonin, a hormone that helps to regulate mood, sleep, appetite and cognitive ability.

So all that in one herb?! What an amazing, natural remedy! Isn't Mother Nature a fantastic!


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As BEEn on ! - Exclusive Chat with Lisa Jolly
October 03, 2020

As BEEn on ! - Exclusive Chat with Lisa Jolly

Exclusive Chat With Lisa Jolly

Founder of Honeybunch Naturals, a natural skincare and wellness product line.

Hailing from Whanganui, New Zealand, Lisa Jolly has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20+ years, launching her most recent international company Honeybunch Pure Naturals in 2014. Her stroke of creative genius came right from her kitchen when she decided to submit her handmade soap and scented bath products to Shopify’s Build a Business competition. Her high energy, hard work, and persistence caught the attention of many in the industry, accelerating Honeybunch’s jump into the world of e-commerce.

The natural product line, infused with New Zealand Manuka honey, was created because of Lisa’s desire for safe products that her whole family could use and enjoy. All Honeybunch products are created in an eco-certified facility and carefully handcrafted in New Zealand. Manuka honey lovers can immerse themselves in a variety of bath and body products including flavorful lip balms, soaps, lotions, and more. 

Lisa is passionate about the natural wellbeing of humans and wildlife, she is continuously finding ways to contribute her products and her voice to causes that are dear to her heart. Lisa is excited about Honeybunch’s launch into the U.S market and is focused on sharing both her brand and her entrepreneurial story with thousands of others. 

For more information or to purchase a product please visit 

What was the inspiration behind the founding of Honeybunch Pure Naturals?

For myself the inspiration has always been the same from the get-go, to make people smile, by creating an amazing product experience that emphasizes self-love, well-being and lifting people’s spirits. We are so blessed to already have a product which is formulated with what we consider to be liquid gold which is Manuka Honey. The inspiration for me was to design packaging and innovate my product in a way that people will not only experience the wellness benefits of Manuka Honey but also feel an extra dose of joy and happiness when using the product and opening the packaging. I’ve always been inspired by building a brand that tells a story. As an entrepreneur you can do and start anything at any stage of life and although we all acknowledge it can be hard work we sometimes forget it can be super fun and empowering all at the same time. Self-love, wellness, empowerment and smiles, that’s what keeps me motivated.

You recently launched Honeybunch into the U.S. Market. What’s been the most challenging part about launching in the U.S. and what strategies did you use to overcome these challenges?

Definitely distribution and learning about how it works. My normal Kiwi self just would walk up to anyone I see, with a product in hand (always have a product on you – handy hint) and say “Hey, look at my beautiful products, you need to try it out!” but that was not so easy in the USA. Having to understand a different way of business and then make decisions afterwards is key.  The most challenging part for me is just learning how to match the speed, pace, energy of the US, slow down at times and speed up at others. Ultimately, I love learning the way other countries do business, it helps me sharpen my skills and learn what a new customer base is looking for. It’s important for me to remember not to dilute my beliefs and values, or compromise my brand, regardless of who I’m doing business with. 

What can you tell us about some of the strategies you’ve used that have contributed to the success of the company?

Oh, I love that question! A valued mentor friend of mine has told me that I lack strategy but have another incredible quality which is my “just do it attitude.” For me, the strategy can be learned, but you either have the “just do it” attitude and no fear mindset, or you don’t. So, it’s fair to say I’m learning strategy. I tend to reverse engineer. For example, the other day I woke up and said to myself “I’m going to sell $1 million dollars’ worth of online gift boxes before Christmas.” So, I went and told my team of VIPs and after doing some calculations they let me know how many products we’d have to sell, and they’re going to help me do it. So maybe I do have a strategy! Putting out the idea to your core group and team with a reverse engineer approach works to get everyone striving towards the same goal. We build the roadmap back to front and of course, get packing boxes!

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many businesses who have been forced to make adjustments to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. With that in mind, working from home seems to be the new norm for several organizations. What would you say is the biggest challenge that many employees will face when it comes to working from home?

The biggest challenge that many employees are facing right now is the lack of connection and team energy. A lot of success comes from team energy and it’s difficult to do that working from home. We are a company of people who really like each other and there are days at work where we are running around like crazy people and don’t have much time to chat, but we still maintain that buzz which is harder to achieve working from home. Right now, we make sure that we all communicate constantly even if it’s sending a silly photo of our homes and personal lives to keep the vibe alive while we’re working hard during the day. 

According to a recent survey, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms in the United States. What advice can you give to employees when it comes to implementing strategies that can help them adjust to this “new normal”?

I’m potentially the biggest burn out the queen. I’ve had to force myself to stop and take time to keep my mind fueled so I can carry on at our fast pace. For our business, we have several things we do. For me, I believe that COVID allowed the world to pause and take a break – so take that break yourself and heal any burnout where you can. I’ve included a few things below that help me and my employees out:

  • Ensure you carve out some me-time: No matter what, between the hours of 2-3 pm every day, I go on a run and focus to keep myself fit and committed as I live and breathe this business 24/7 currently. Fitness for me means to focus and it’s an investment in not becoming burnt out. When I’m at the beach, I build compartments in my head and I leave all the negative energy and thoughts behind when I leave. This really helps me stay grounded. It’s important to treat yourself like an important meeting and not skip out because work “took over for the day.” You’ll notice how much happier you become! 
  • Carve out time to spend with your family/friends: In times of extreme stress, our families/friends can really take the brunt of our emotions, so it’s important to carve some time out to spend with them as well. Taking your thoughts off work and enjoying time with loved ones is great medicine after a hard day or week. 
  • Use your colleagues as a resource: Start a Facebook group chat. I’ve made it really clear that we can be open and transparent here. My team can offload anything that is wearing them down and let others in the group know when we need some group support. It’s always done in fun and humour but it’s in a way you can read between the lines. It’s like therapy and everyone respects each other. I’d also advise people to find a buddy at work that you can really trust and hold each other accountable for projects/deadlines and each other’s me times. You spend more than 8 hours a day working with your colleagues, it’s important to build good relationships with people who understand you and will push you to do better. 
  • Work smarter not harder: I used to subscribe to “hustle porn” but no more. COVID-19 really slowed me down as I was travelling less and made me realize how important being strategic is. Working smarter not harder means trying to get everything done in your allocated time in your workday. If you can’t, find a way to pivot by talking to your boss or your colleagues or policing yourself so you’re able to be more productive. That could mean taking a gym break, cutting yourself off at a certain time, and doing your best not to reinvent the wheel. 
  • Reevaluate your career: At a time of uncertainty, use this time to be certain. If you’ve been considering a career change, look to ways where you can take a course to learn more about that industry or connect with individuals on LinkedIn who are in your dream job or industry. If you’re gunning for that promotion, work smarter and not harder and find ways to climb that ladder by speaking to your boss. Lastly, if you’re looking to start that business or you’ve started a business already, ensure that you see it to completion. 
  • Write: I write a blog, but I would suggest a journal. Just getting things out of my head at times where I’m feeling burnt out or run down really helps. You only have so many compartments in your head and it’s impossible to have them all rented at once all of the time.

In your expert opinion, would you say that working from home is the best solution for everybody?

The short answer is no. I think a mix of both is best. I personally believe for my business that I would prefer a 50/50 split as I love my team and having family and home time. Zooming in PJs is wonderful, but so is being together as a business and interacting with each other face to face. 

On a final note, what can you tell us about your own personal experience of suffering from burnout throughout your career and how did you overcome it?

I really experienced a bad case of burnout around this time last year, and not addressing it at the time became a horrendous business mistake. I took on too many things at once, it all seemed fun and appealing but then reality set in and it was just too overwhelming for me. I was being pulled in so many directions and constantly depleting my energy. I couldn’t show up how I needed to, when I needed to. I’ll never forget being in a hotel room in Brisbane after I had finished enduring a tour from hell (for a band I was managing) and I was lying there in the dark for 2 solid days. I had to leave to fly home, where a great friend told me to stop and take time. I was no good to anyone being in the shape I was in. So, I listened and surely, I started to rebuild my energy, my focus, and redirect my attention to the things I’m good at. I did all the things I had to do in order to bring myself out of that place, it involves making choices and being more intentional with my lifestyle. Now I take those lessons and I’m more mindful of how I structure my time.  

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Amazing Boo bee news!
September 30, 2020

Amazing Boo bee news!

We can thank the bees for Manuka Honey! The benefits of this liquid gold are beyond amazing....But have you heard the latest about bee venom?!

An Australian study has found that bee venom at a certain concentration, was able to kill the cells of aggressive breast cancer!

Melittin, a compound found in bee venom, has also proven to disrupt cancer cell growth. Not only that, but melittin is able to be produced synthetically, helping out our black and yellow friends. 
Although it is early days, it proves another example of natural healing, and again the bees are to thank for that.. our guess that it’s just the BEEgining! 

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As BEEn on ! ` Entrepreneur Lisa Jolly’s Approach to Aligning your Brand with a Social Mission
September 29, 2020

As BEEn on ! ` Entrepreneur Lisa Jolly’s Approach to Aligning your Brand with a Social Mission

Entrepreneur Lisa Jolly’s Approach to Aligning your Brand with a Social Mission

Why this serial entrepreneur uses her global brand to draw awareness to social causes.

The year of 2020 has been one filled with many lessons. From realizing how precious our health is, to witnessing the fragility of our global economy, it has definitely been a time to reflect and dive deeper into what really matters most in life. People have been pushed to their limits, businesses have been tested, and our desire to find fulfillment and a sense of purpose has become the forefront of many conversations. 

Lisa Jolly, is the founder of a natural manuka honey skincare and wellness brand, Honeybunch Naturals, based out of New Zealand. She’s been no stranger to the trials and tribulations of starting numerous businesses and as a mother of three, she’s well versed in the challenges of taking care of a family. Her resiliency is undeniable but even she was thrown off (like pretty much all of us) when COVID-19 hit. In working closely with Lisa, I’ve learned about her remarkable life journey and seen how it has equipped her with the wisdom and mindset to thrive during such a chaotic time. One crucial lesson she learned years ago that helped her to persevere with unwavering momentum, was the importance of building a brand with a bigger mission. She’s seen first hand how partnering your company with a social cause (or multiple) can be a defining factor not only in your success but your business’s ability to withstand difficult times. 

Align your Brand with a Cause you’re Passionate About. 

Tying your brand to a social cause is undoubtedly a noble act. It’s not a requirement written in any ‘how to start a successful business’ guidebook but it might as well be. When you align your brand with a mission that you’re actually passionate about, something that truly resonates with you, it adds a deeper meaning to the reason behind why you show up every day. Regardless of what stage your business is in or how successful it’s deemed to be, the going will get tough at one point or another. When these adversities strike and the days feel relentless, it helps to have something bigger than yourself and your brand, to reaffirm the value of your work. 

Lisa is an entrepreneur who sees no limit when it comes to giving back, she genuinely wants to help the world in whatever way she can. But there are several charitable missions that she holds particularly close to her heart. Naturally, this is where The Bee Informed Partnershipcomes in, a leading research lab dedicated to understanding honey bee population decline in the United States, in an effort to make things better. As Lisa sees it, Honeybunch Naturalssimply wouldn’t exist without honey bees.

“It’s a dream come true to build a business that can support such an amazing cause that conducts detailed research on honey bee health … now is such a crucial time to be supporting bees, our lives depend on theirs, and we can’t wait to continue this partnership with Bee Informed for many years to come,” says Lisa.

Lisa created the Bee Informed Bundle, in which a portion of the proceeds go directly to supporting their organization. Beyond the donations, getting sweet notes of appreciation from her customers and the Bee Informed team has filled Lisa with a deep sense of pride, as she gets to expand her community of those who share a passion for preserving the honey bee ecosystem.

Create a Community Built on a Common Goal. 

Giving back is known to do wonders for your mental and physical well being. According to the National Institute of Health, people who donated even a small amount on a monthly basis had activated pleasure centers in their brain. These effects are amplified when we unite with others who care about the same cause, the comradery can make the experience even more fulfilling.

It’s commonly said that the energy you give off attracts the energy you get back. When you’re building a business you want to surround yourself with a network that’s filled with as much positivity as possible. The people who work for you, the partners you work with, and the consumers who buy your products all add fuel to that positive fire. The excitement and momentum that can be achieved when working towards a greater cause is highly contagious, in the best way possible. It trickles across your whole business ecosystem, attracting better customers and better talent. Not to mention, it’s an incredible way to boost morale within your company. Studies have even shown that “79% of Americans would tell others to buy products from purpose-driven companies”. So it’s a no brainer that socially responsible businesses are more likely to receive more positive attention.

2020 has shown how consumers are more empowered than ever before and are looking to support brands with a solid moral compass. Especially during times of economic uncertainty, there is even more focus on where our money is going and how it is being used. Businesses with a responsible voice have a better chance to not only survive but to actually thrive, as consumers have proven to support brands that care about more than just the bottom line. 

Give what you Can.

Each business has a choice to incorporate a socially conscious purpose or ethical tie to their operation. The contribution made doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, a brand’s voice can be equally as impactful. As Lisa puts it, “I think some people believe that you need a lot of money to activate social change but I don’t believe that this is true. In fact, it’s a key to our company spirit and culture to show other businesses and our own team that taking the first step can be as simple as donating what you have, like a honey bee lip balm!”. No matter the size of your company, you have the power to draw more attention to a charitable cause that your audience may otherwise be unaware of. Reaching 5 people is just as meaningful as reaching 500. 

Tell a Bigger Story. 

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? A hero story? Or a story that leaves us with a feeling of hope and reinstills our belief in humanity. There’s something to be said about the lasting power of companies who have purposefully weaved social responsibility into their marketing (think Toms, Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s). In today’s world, whether it’s through social media or mainstream news, a good story goes a long way. 

As we live in a time where our screens often get the most of our precious attention, you might as well use your content to inform, empower and inspire those who are looking at you. In Lisa’s case, Honeybunch uses their social media platform to share informative and uplifting content focused on honey bee health multiple times a week. She’s received continuous positive feedback from her followers and has used the brand’s mainstream media coverage to spread the message far and wide. Lisa knows that word of mouth goes a long way and so she continues to take the liberty of influencing how her business is included in a conversation. Ultimately, she wants Honeybunch to be remembered for what really counts, a company that made a difference. 

*If you want to contribute to the causes Lisa Jolly cares about please visit where you can find the “Bee Informed Bunde”. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting the Bee Informed Partnership.Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.

Article by:

Creative strategist and branding expert, Chloe has transformed the identities of many top enterprises, startups, and personal brands on a global scale. She is the global director of Ojamu, an innovative media consultancy headquartered in the US.


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As see on
August 15, 2020

As see on

Our founder Lisa Jolly was recently featured on Entrepreneur ! 

See the full article here and excerpt below:

“Be adaptable and accepting. Building a team means that you’re taking on their team, meaning family and significant others. During these times it’s crucial to acknowledge support systems outside of your work bubble and care for your ‘extended family’. Use this as a bigger opportunity to have some fun and connect with your team in a way you may not have before,” recommends Lisa Jolly, founder of Honeybunch Naturals, a natural skincare and wellness product line. 

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July 10, 2020

Lisa Jolly of Honeybunch Pure Naturals: 5 Steps You Can Take To Become More Resilient

As seen on

Flex your muscles! You need to find your weaknesses so you can strengthen those areas. Listening to rap music helps too!

Take a good look at your ‘Facebook’ friends. Ask yourself, “did this person check on me when I needed them?” If they haven’t been there for you, cut them out of your life. Resilient people don’t bother investing their time in people who don’t give the same care in return.

Write lists and reflect often. Acknowledge the bad, get rid of it and move on. Channel the good and choose to focus on the positives that are in front of you.

Speak your mind! You are bound to get some haters along the way but it’s great training for when you are successful.

Talk to strangers. Learn to listen, know who you are talking to and see how they can help make you stronger.

Inthis interview series, we are exploring the subject of resilience among successful business leaders. Resilience is one characteristic that many successful leaders share in common, and in many cases it is the most important trait necessary to survive and thrive in today’s complex market.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Jolly. Hailing from Wanganui, New Zealand, Lisa has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20+ years, launching her most recent international company Honeybunch Pure Naturals in 2014. Her stroke of creative genius came right from her kitchen, when she decided to submit her handmade soap and scented bath products to Shopify’s Build a Business competition. Her high energy, hard work, and persistence caught the attention of many in the industry, accelerating Honeybunch’s jump into the world of e-commerce.

The natural product line, infused with New Zealand Manuka honey, was created because of Lisa’s desire for safe products that her whole family could use and enjoy. All Honeybunch products are created in an eco-certified facility and carefully handcrafted in New Zealand. Manuka honey lovers can immerse themselves in a variety of bath and body products including flavourful lip balms, soaps, lotions, and more.

Lisa is passionate about the natural wellbeing of humans and wildlife, she is continuously finding ways to contribute her products and her voice to causes that are dear to her heart. Lisa is excited about Honeybunch’s launch into the U.S market and is focused on sharing both her brand and her entrepreneurial story with thousands of others.

Thank you so much for joining us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’?

Inever would have dreamed that I would become a serial entrepreneur, however here I am…straight from the college of hard knocks.

As an only child, I swore I would never have children, and then found myself as a young mother at the tender age of 24 with three children under the age of three all while managing my first business (a flower shop that flourished into a massive floral distribution chain). I vividly remember pushing my baby in a supermarket trolly while I was surrounded by the flowers I was selling at the store, one kid on my back and one sitting in the cart! I did that same run 7 days a week for about 5 years just to make ends meet. The training allowed me to better handle challenges that were thrown at me and taught me how to multitask. It was truly the start of my resilience training!

In some respect, it’s almost like I jumped on a bullet train with no ability to jump off. My children became my fuel for work, providing for them with things like private education and arming them with the tools for success was very important to me as I wasn’t as fortunate to have all those things as a child. I was thrilled when a chance encounter happened one day and someone walked into my blooming business (ironically named Blizzblooms) and made an offer to buy the business. I jumped at the opportunity, planning to be a full time mother and have some time off. But next thing I knew, I was opening a cafe (which then sold), followed by a restaurant (which also sold), another flower shop (which also sold), a manufacturing business … you get the idea. Now, years later I find myself with my lovely Honeybunch brand, which is perfect timing as my kids are now young adults and have left the nest. With all these years under my belt, I’m more determined than ever to make this brand international.

Reading back on this it all looks so easy, but the tears between the lines and dots were what I would only describe as a wooden roller coaster that didn’t go around corners well, and took ages to get to the top of each high point, only to come crashing down many times!

Can you share with us the most interesting story from your career? Can you tell us what lessons or ‘take aways’ you learned from that?

Well, that’s such a loaded question for me as there’s so many to choose from. I had a chat with a guy who passed by my store each day walking to work in central Hong Kong and saw me self decorate as I lacked the funds. Little did I know that he was one of the richest men in China who thought I was an artist so ended up investing in me. I also managed to get my Honeybunch products into the amazing ABC stores in Hawaii by handing a product to a store manager while stuck in a store as a street parade went past trapping a ton of us inside. I also connected with my now USA distributor Thomas (a stranger at the time) by asking him a question in a store in Hawaii because I noticed him loading some retail shelves.

I would say that from my many experiences throughout my career, that have led to wildly unfathomable opportunities I have learned to talk to people! All of these encounters I think of happened because I took the time to not just talk, but to listen to new people I met along my journey. I enjoy listening to other people’s experiences, doing that can change your own life for the better. Always be kind and remember that resilience comes from listening to everything and everyone you can and learning from other’s experiences by taking the good and using it to help you grow.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Honeybunch was actually formed because of my ambition to win a competition held by Shopify. At the time, I was a little bored with the day to day of my manufacturing business and was looking for a new challenge (I also really wanted to go to Necker Island and hang out with Richard Branson!). I saw the business competition as a great opportunity to train myself on how to build a website, grow a social media presence, and focus on things related to digital marketing — all things that were way out of my usual skillset. It was quite hard for me to wrap my head around at first, since I wasn’t raised with technology! But I am very determined and knew if I took on the challenge, I would learn along the way.

I knew I had to bring something special and different to the table. For starters, I was living in New Zealand at the time and wanted to bring in a product unique to my country, and Manuka honey was just that. I had beautiful liquid gold right in my backyard that could be shared with others! I had also witnessed the demand for Manuka honey while visiting Asia working on business for my other manufacturing company, so I knew that this was a space that had opportunity. Because my personality is very fun and energetic, I wanted to infuse that into the brand to make it stand out. I thought developing products that creatively showcased the beauty of honey and flowers, would make for the perfect combination of a quirky vibe matched with amazing natural properties and benefits. Although I didn’t win Shopify’s competition, they did feature me in an article, which focused on the fact that my brand was top on their radar because it was so hard to ignore me! I take that as a win, the uplifting spirit of my brand, our ‘bee’liefs and values, caught their attention which was a clear sign that I was onto something special.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful to who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

Absolutely, I agree. I have quite literally been a one woman brand for the majority of my business life. However, during Shopify’s business competition, I stumbled upon a group of really awesome guys that were doing great things in the entrepreneurial space. I used the learnings from my past experiences and kept reaching out to them on social media. Sure enough they would tweet support for me every now and then, giving me this sense of motivation and encouragement! Eventually, I mustered up the courage to message them and to my absolute delight, they invited me to a life changing lunch where we bonded over entrepreneurship and made plans to meet again. I had it set in my mind that I would do business with them one day. Ironically this happened on the same day that I ended up at Snoop Dogg’s house (clearly something was in the air!), so it truly was a pivotal day in my life.

One of the guys I met was Sam Rusani, I have him saved in my phone as “Sam business tall guru guy”, he has become a great friend and mentor to me. He has been an investor, a mentor, a genuine friend to me and my distant tall rock. We share a love of entrepreneurship, music, wildlife, and taking risks however his perhaps are more calculated than mine so he is able to quietly teach me strategy. He tells me I have the ‘just do it’ quality and that strategy can be learned along the way, whereas some people strategize for years and never actually do it. I am so grateful to have Sam in my life.

Now let’s shift to the main focus of this interview. We would like to explore and flesh out the trait of resilience. How would you define resilience?

Resilience to me is unrolling from a fetal position because you have lost everything, and learning to crawl, walk and stand again. Resilience is being able to tell your story proudly, while owning your shit (learned that from gangster rappers). Resilience is not only about accepting your failures, but proudly sharing them so you can possibly stop some future heartache for others who may be in a difficult situation. Resilience is not allowing others to influence your dreams. Resilience is taking the worst situation and making an effort to see the light. Resilience is the ability to speak your mind and beliefs without worrying what people will think of you.

What do you believe are the characteristics or traits of resilient people?

Self belief is probably the biggest trait, perhaps a bit of directness without feeling the need to filter yourself and your thoughts. I would definitely say adaptability, and high energy, along with the ability to make quick firm decisions.

When you think of resilience, which person comes to mind? Can you explain why you chose that person?

Martha Stewart, I mean, what an amazing resilient woman! She makes her fortune doing everyday things and sharing them with the world, she even went to jail and came out better than ever. If you can come back after being at the top of your game and deal with what she has survived publicly then she deserves a badge of resilience. I’m privately hoping she reads this so she can whip me up a Honeybunch Manuka honey recipe book. How about we call it “the resilient bunch recipes — Honeybunch recipes to boost immunity and resilience.”

Has there ever been a time that someone told you something was impossible, but you did it anyway? Can you share the story with us?

Yes. Multiple times! I guess being told by the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) that I was not a suitable candidate for grants and financial support to open a shop in Hong Kong was initially a hard hit. Sure enough those same folks showed up to my Hong Kong shop grand opening (uninvited, I might add) and were wishing me congratulations, even asking how I pulled it off! My answer? “Well you didn’t support me so I jumped on a plane, signed a shop lease in Hong Kong and here we are. Another glass of champagne?”

Did you have a time in your life where you had one of your greatest setbacks, but you bounced back from it stronger than ever? Can you share that story with us?

China 2015. A few months before I was to open our Hong Kong store. Long story short, I woke up at 1:00am in my hotel room to discover my eye was nearly popping out of my head! The whole night is still a blur, but I ended up in a Shanghai hospital for weeks, and after 4 operations I lost my eye sight in my left eye and a big part of my filter. It was such a life altering experience, so I took to writing and started a book called “Shangeye view”. I embraced the recovery time and used it as a window to reflect on my life. I came to the reasoning that for years, travelling was my way to see everything amazing this world has to offer and yet somehow my life had become a travelling whirlwind. I wasn’t truly taking the time to really stop and look at all the beautiful things around me. I made a vow to myself from that point on to really see everything around me and ironically I now see more with one eye than I do two! The best part of that setback was recognizing how lucky I actually was and knowing that I already had such a great life. It was what was needed to make me stronger, more grateful, and resilient.

Resilience is like a muscle that can be strengthened. In your opinion, what are 5 steps that someone can take to become more resilient? Please share a story or an example for each.

My top 5 steps for being more resilient are:

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

I try to give back wherever I can to charities I am passionate about. When money has been tight, my support has been vocal and physical, I’ve found opportunities to give back to animals who are suffering. My love for animals inspired me to create a Honeybunch gift box that has the saying “the Bees knees and koalas in trees” on the packaging. For every order, we donate $1 to help rebuild and support Australian wildlife, which is needed now due to the devastation from the terrible bush fires.

I will always care about supporting wildlife and environment related causes, but with the recent COVID-19 pandemic I recently decided we should channel our efforts into helping front line workers at hospitals. So we are sending our Manuka honey balms as a donation, and I’m proud to say that we have currently sent over 1000 lip balms directly to nurses and doctors, who can also distribute them amongst their teams. If you want to truly understand the word resilience, I would suggest interviewing one of these amazing frontline hospital workers, they are awe inspiring. Donating lip balms to protect their smiles is only a small thing but it’s something we could do directly and right away.

We are blessed that some very prominent leaders read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we tag them :-)

Hey …. Richard Branson! I tried to go to Necker Island but didn’t make it … yet! I want to check out the wildlife with a cocktail in my hand, while feeding little animals, while pitching for an investment in Honeybunch. If Gary Vee wants to come, that would definitely work too!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

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This was very inspiring. Thank you so much for joining us!

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