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Bee Informed

June 02, 2021

It's been a while since we teamed up with Bee Informed Partnership, helping to raise money for this amazing organization, and through your orders, we have raised over $4000 so far!

Bee Informed Partnership is a non profit that we absolutely bee-lieve in, due to the work and research they do to maintain honey bee colonies, to educate bee keeping communities and to ensure the sustainability of bees nationwide.

So who even are they?

Bee Informed Partnership are a national collaboration of research labs and universities of agriculture, who work together to better understand the decline of bees in the USA.

They work with bee keepers to provide colony samples, pest and pathogen diagnostics, and to gather data to monitor colony size, health and to test and analyze new feed or treatment products.

By gathering data they are able to analyze and create best management practices that support increased survival.

They even provide emergency response kits to assist in investigating failing colonies.

BIP Tech team specialist inspecting a brood frame from a colony

How can you help?

You can donate directly to to help them continue their amazing work. You can also help them by placing an order with us, and we will donate 5% of your order directly to them.


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