A moment to celebrate the chaos ...

I have to say I’m a seasoned entrepreneur... now a Grandmotherpreneur ...if that’s such a thing.. well it is ... a crazy thing! I always said I would wait until I go ‘hard’ (a kiwi saying) to take my beautiful brand to the world ... and surprise surprise ... my oldest daughter Grace blessed us with 2 amazing grandsons.  The shock I had to say was real ‘I’m too young to be a grandma’ ... but the rest is history and I am so proud of my daughter being a wonderful Mother and myself and the hubby just love the boys to bits ... especially now we can give them back!  The boys call me Nana bubbles ... originally because we would have bubble blowing contests and fire water pistols out of the car as we drive ... now I think because they think I may be slightly nutty! 

Monday morning and a wee reflection back on this last week, but how can I not smile when I open the photo folder file from the Christmas photoshoot last week... all mixed in with our first shipment of honeybunch pure products landing on Hawaii, with myself making some of the artisan range whilst our lovely chief Mum Misty takes a well earned family break and me trying to contain my excitement.  

This photo sums up my life at the moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not a corporate peep just a crazy granny I guess, a Mum and still consider myself a hot mess, so roll on Christmas and I can’t wait to show that our not so perfect chaos is actually naturally the coolest brand yet. 
Thanks a bunch honeybunch!

Thanks for 🐝lieving in is!

Lisa x 

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