Off to Portland
October 16, 2019

Off to Portland

It’s has been an absolutely exciting year full of ups and downs and it’s taken me some time to realise how special my Honeybunch brand is.

Some people may call it luck, but I would call it a wealth of experience from myself being a Mother, of three children, now young successful adults, but at the time ... 3 under 3! Ironically I had self proclaimed that I wouldn’t have children and I would focus on my career before my babies turned up, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m now blessed with 2 grandchildren, and it’s my mission to show them that anything is possible.

I want to show them that the world is big and fabulous and if you have something amazing to offer then you should go get it... and here I am, on a plane, heading to Portland from New Zealand to present Honeybunch Pure Naturals to another amazing business with the help of my new found support team.

I have my bags packed with Honeybunch New Zealand goodness and I’m buzzing with excitement to show and tell the range.

I believe in this range whole heartedly, it’s special, incorporating Mother’s who make up our ARTisan team, the most amazing manufacturer in New Zealand, who happens to be married to a famous kiwi, and my lovely small crew who are so excited to see something fly.

An awesomely talented photographer who also is a Mum working from her home and doing amazing things and of course a bunch of children and babies who keep it real.

For me, Lisa, knowing I can create, design and deliver the best and the most transparently beautiful natural products to the world is so exciting.... I can’t wait to test our innovation with new products never seen on the market yet and I’m so very happy that I can bring Honeybunch to your family.

Thanks a bunch Honeybunch for giving our 🐝eautiful brand a chance.

❤️🐝 Lisa x



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