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Some of the top Manuka Honey benefits include:
- Prevents tooth decay and gingivitis
- Improves sore throats and immunity
- Helps allergies
- Combats staphylococcus infections
- Treats burns, wounds and ulcers.
- Beauty treatment and health booster
Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. Manuka honey has many healing properties that range from healing sore throats, curing staphylococcus infections and gum disease.
Methylgyloxal - (Manuka Honey Extract) International Nomenclature Cosmetics Industry commonly referred to as Mel.
🦷Our Toothpaste formulation has been mastered by New Zealand’s only Ecocert approved facilities utilising the skills of their top chemists.
This natural formulation attacks harmful oral bacteria associated with plaque formation, gum inflammation and tooth decay whilst not destroying the good oral bacteria that are responsible for keeping your mouth healthy. Our cleaning ingredient silica, is soft and gentle on babies teeth and gums. Fluoride free.

🍯Honey is one of nature’s richest antimicrobial sources. Cultures around the world dating as far back as Ancient Greek mythology or in biblical times have praised Honey as being a unique and beneficial healing treasure.
Proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

Excluded for good

We only use the highest quality ingredients as thoughtfully as those we exclude.

Our natural products are NOT tested on animals, they contain NO oxybenzone NO octinoxate, NO parabens, NO petrochemicals, NO minerals, NO sulfates, NO artificial colours or fragrances, NO gmo ingredients, NO animal products NO micro beads.

Most of our products are Vegan friendly and are suitable for Vegetarians.
We don’t use any genetically engineered extracts.
We don’t test on animals.

We only use natural preservatives, of the highest quality and at minimum concentrations to protect and ensure product safety.