Manuka honey orange propolis lozenges


12 Manuka honey orange lozenges. These great tasting lozenges made with MGO 500 Manuka honey, can help soothe a sore or dry throat.

Manuka honey, well known for its health prompting benefits and with added propolis which can help boost immunity. Natural orange 🍊 flavour.
🐝Natural flavours used.

🍯 contains propolis which can cause severe allergic reaction.  Manuka honey used contains a minimum of 500mg/kg methylgloxal at time of blending. 


Customer Reviews

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Tammy Brooks
Recent order

Yummy and good for you too!

Christine piotrowski

I received my order yesterday. I tasted the lozenges. Taste great, soothing my throat. Besides being good for me. I have allergies all year round. Even if it snows. Snow brings mold. Plus salt on road bothers me. So these lozenges are a great help.

Carol Cooney
This was a gift

I do believe the honey lozenges were muchly appreciated . I was told they were very good, soothing on a scratchy throat.
I ordered a package for me, looking forward to it arrivel.

Pure honey taste and soothing to the throat

The Manuka honey lozenges has a slightly bitter honey taste but that's most likely from the manuka honey. You can definitely taste a tangy citrus flavor which is a nice edition to the lozenges! Loved it and almost ate it like candy :)