Take Time to Smell the Roses Buzz Bundle

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#help please ♥️🐝
🎙 we need some help to smell the roses 🌹 again.
🎤 excuse my heartfelt post, Lisa here sitting on the side of the road driving to work, slightly tearful and a tad stressed after another sleepless night of worry and wonder.. aka standard #entrepreneurlife
❤️🐝 ironically as I look back at our #business journey we have sent over 6000 orders in the few 9 months since we started our website, all the way from New Zealand 🇳🇿 to the USA 🇺🇸.
Our 🐝eautiful customers have given us over 500 x 5 star ⭐️ reviews!!! We feel so blessed, but the reality is that our shipping cost is so expensive that it means we are poor under bees 🐝 😞 and we need some help to raise some capital whilst I head to the USA 🇺🇸 on August to see if we can calm our farm and hang in whilst moving our base to the amazing USA 🇺🇸
💕 so we are offering this bundle, to help us, and we ask for your help and thank you for advance! ❤️♥️💕
‘Smell the roses 🌹 📦’
🚨 ONLY $19.99!!!
(Normally $69.99)
Help us smell the roses 🌹❤️
🎙 these bundles will be shipped from the USA 🇺🇸 the last week of August and will be hand packaged and curated with absolute love 💕 by Lisa our queen Bee 🐝 CEO whilst she eats 2
Minute noodles and stays on here friends couch 🛋
❤️ you are welcome to use PayPal for purchase protection as we know it’s a big ask to ask you to help us, but we need help desperately 🥰 Thanks a bunch Honeybunch 🐝 Lisa 

Help us smell the roses 🌹❤️
🎙 these bundles will be shipped from the USA 🇺🇸 the last week of August and will be hand packaged and curated with absolute love 💕 by Lisa our queen Bee 🐝 CEO.

Indulge your senses with geranium rose essential oils, rose petals and Manuka honey 🍯 

This buzz bundle will take you into your own virtual rose garden, whisky suggesting a self love buzz!

What's in it?


🍯 1 x Whittaker’s artisan Nelson pear and Manuka honey milk chocolate from New Zealand.

🍯1 x Rose Geranium Buzz Bar with Goats milk and Manuka Honey Soap

🍯 1 x Romantic rose artisan soap topped with rose petals 

🍯 1x Monkey 🐒  monkey 🐝zness palm free, color free Manuka honey soap block wrapped with honeycomb and garnished with a self love inspiration card. ( we donate $1 for each block sold to the ‘orangutan international project’

🍯1 x Butterfly coconut oil soap 

🍯1 x Rose coconut oil soap 

🍯1 X Packet of bee pasture friendly seed mix

🍯1 x Mini bee hand cream with a stripe the bumble bee holder

🍯 1 x Box of our trail mix laced with dried roses and essential oil for a soak

🍯 1 x Manuka honey vanilla organic lip balm 

🍯 1 x Color free fragrance free rose geranium bath bomb wrapped in honeycomb 

🐝 1 x Bee informed poster to learn more and educate people about bees 🐝






Customer Reviews

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Eileen Carter
Bees Buzz bundle

Love the boxes for Christmas presents!

Jeanne Huber
Superior product/service

I love Honeybunch!
I ordered my first box about a year ago, as a gift. I received so many compliments on the beautiful package and products. It was the best gift!
The recipient recently asked for information on getting more.
I called Honeybunch and spoke with Lisa. She was so helpful and together we came up with another gift box.
I was blown away at how fast the gift was delivered!!
The recipient was beyond satisfied. She even displayed the whole box on her table and her guests were amazed at the beautiful products and packaging. They will be ordering from Honeybunch.
Thank you Honeybunch for the perfect gift!

Every box brings excitement!

I’ve been ordering for over a year now...started sometime during the Pandemic. I bought loads of their adorable little bee sanitizer. Then I started trying the boxes. Each one is such a delight to open. This company obviously puts a great deal of fun and thought into their products, packaging and arrangement. I love getting my boxes.

Such a cool treat!

How fun is it to buy one, get one....I mean, I treated my sister to a Mother’s Day gift and gave the extra one to my daughter. Made 2 people I love very happy. We were blown away by the attention to wrapping candles in beeswax and tied with little bee bows. The candles are so incredibly beautiful with dried flowers in them....everything is top notch....and the chocolate! Yikes! Amazing!

deborah Lipchey
Mom you honey buzz

Love the products ! I enjoy sharing them too. Thank you for all that you do at Honey Bunch