This product is automatically added to your cart for FREE once you add $100 worth of item to your card. :) Description: 5 fabulous honeybunch Manuka honey infused buzz bars, made only with certified organic ingredient, hand crafted and infused with Manuka honey 🍯! Wrapped in honeycomb and pegged with an original positive affirmation card to wash off any stress. Hand made with love in New Zealand 🇳🇿 each soap 🧼 bar weighs 100-120 grams. This pack includes Manuka honey lavender Manuka honey Chamomile Manuka honey rose geranium Manuka honey lemongrass Manuka honey Manuka oil ingredients. shea butter 🧈 almond oil 🍃 olive oil 🍃 essential oil 🍂 Manuka honey 🍯 beeswax 🐝 lye 💧 water 💦