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Honeybunch health hero’s

Help send some Honeybunch kisses to the awesome health hero’s working night and day to help us fight the terrible virus. We are donating 1000s of Manuka honey lip balms, to put smiles of medical teams faces, protect and moisturise lips and add the extra protection of Manuka honey, which is known for its incredible antiviral protective properties.  For every Honeybunch lip balm sold we will donate one to a health care worker and will be sharing the love on our social media as we donate! If you are a health worker and would like to have some lip balms for our team please email amy@honeybunchpure.co.nz as we will see how we can help share some Honeybunch kisses! 

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey facts and call to action on Honeybunch Manuka Honey Sachet Featured on the right here ...

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Our Honeybunch pure team works with renowned eco certified manufactures a wonderful innovative in house team to create beautiful natural products infused with our wonderful New Zealand Manuka honey.